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My Spiderwoman cover popped up on Twitter earlier today so I thought I’d share some some old process images.  From top to bottom: Finished, preliminary sketch and the rough lineart (with some fake titling).  Enjoy!

Early Gamora ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ concept art by Andy Park

Early Gamora ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ concept art by Andy Park

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier 
Andrea Sorrentino’s variant cover


Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier 

Andrea Sorrentino’s variant cover

That’s the first time in 21 years I’ve been told I look Greek!

flawless mcu a’holes for cakeisnotpie > anthony mackie & jeremy renner
-> let’s call this inspiration

I was tagged by britishbullet for this music thingy.

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag 10 people! Don’t skip any songs!

  1. Somewhere - All Angels
  2. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (from Toy Story) - Randy Newman
  3. Harden My Heart - Julianne Hough & Mary J. Blige
  4. I Wanna Be Like You
  5. You’ll Think of Me - John Barrowman
  6. Fix You - Straight No Chaser
  7. Not Yet - Jenn Bostic
  8. Happy - Pharrell Williams
  9. Three Times a Lady - Lionel Richie
  10. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Your turn:

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the actual article is even better than the headline suggests


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Lets see how many people love him.


chris evans’ idea of formal involves halloween jack-o-lantern buckets literally marry me



Actor and ally Josh Hutcherson is kicking off a new campaign to connect LGBT youth to supportive online communities. 

The new project, Power On, will encourage teenagers to donate their old laptops, tablets and smartphones to be refurbished and given to LGBT resource centers nationwide. The goal is that youth in rural and low-income areas will have access to online resources, which studies show are crucial for LGBT youth in finding life-saving information from health resources to supportive friends. 

Recognizing that the internet can be a powerful tool for those questioning their sexuality or who cannot find other LGBTQ peers in person, The Trevor Project in 2008 set up a social network,, specifically designed for queer youth and straight allies. Currently serving approximately 100,000 people, the site is set to be included by default with other, similar resources on all devices distributed through Power On.

When launching the project, Josh Hutcherson led by example by donating one of his own computers. “It’s awesome to know that it’ll be used to help a young person out there who, before this campaign, wasn’t able to get access to information and resources that could really help them,” he said. “I’ve always respected the work that The Trevor Project does, and to have an opportunity for Straight But Not Narrow to collaborate with them on a campaign like Power On is exciting.”

My overpowering crush on Josh Hutcherson knows no bounds. Also, this is one of the smartest, most awesome campaigns I’ve heard of in a very long time. Find out how to get involved here

Damn way to go Hutcherson


i don’t want summer to end ;n;


i don’t want summer to end ;n;